SONOMATICS    i m a g e r   

a free VST plugin to re-image stereo audio streams

it is easiest to think of the 3 modifying parameters to imager in terms of a pair of microphones setup facing each other at a 90 degree angle as in a blumlein stereo recording.

imager can be used to change the orientation of the microphones after the recording has been made by tweaking the parameters:
direction in which to "zoom"

zoom adjusts the "angle" of the microphones, where:
-1 points the microphones fully towards eachother, resulting in a mono sound +-90 degrees from the zoom "direction
+1 puts both microphones pointing in the set zoom "direction", resulting in a mono sound
rotation "turns" the microphone stand

download the mac vst plugin [mach-o]
[ install in library/audio/plug-ins/vst ]

here for classic version

if you have any questions or comments please email

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