a b o u t    SONOMATICS 

manufacturing the finest software tools for musicians

specializing in digital signal processing, audio synthesis, 3-d spatial processing,
sound visualization, and algorithmic composition. our goal is to help make
the musician's creative process simpler and more productive.

we have developed software for macos, windows, iphoneos, and beos.
we have created vst plugins, audiounit plugins, and itunes visualization plugins.
we have also developed many max/msp, supercollider, and csound external libraries and unit generators.

we have worked for many major players in the music software industry, including
cycling '74, analog devices, rogue amoeba, bias, gvox, audible magic, and arboretum systems.

matt ingalls lives in oakland california usa. he has been programming computers to make music for over 20 years. he is the main programmer of our software, and has also created the soundflower macos audio routing utility and the macos csound frontend, maccsound, which was awarded a 2004 electronic musician magazine editors choice award.

matt was the lead engineer for gvox, focusing primarily on the encore music notation application and a senior ios engineer for the popular voxer walkie-talkie app.

matt is a composer and clarinetist. he performs fequently in the bay area with sfSound.

matt's resume

joseph anderson lives on the other side of the pond in the united kingdom. his interests are in ambisonic surround sound, the sound image in acousmatic music, and acousmatic music composition. he has worked as dsp design engineer for analog devices audio rendering technology center and now lectures on sonic art and music technology at the university of kent.

recognitions for his compositions have included a "grand prix" from the 1997 bourges electroacoustic music competition. he has been commissioned by organizations such as bbc radio 3, and the society for the promotion of new music. a cd of his electroacoustic works appears on sargasso records.



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