AARDVARK   a n    i P h o n e    s y n t h e s i z e r 
aardvark is a virtual analog synthesizer with a unique multi-touch interface that lets you control modulators, envelopes, and other settings simultaneously. The waveform display changes in real-time as you tweak synth parameters.

You can choose among four waveform modes (sine, sawtooth, pulse, and noise). In general, the 1st touch controls the carrier oscillator, the 2nd touch controls the modulating oscillator, and the 3rd touch controls the envelope.

The pulse wave mode includes a delay effect and the white noise mode includes a bandpass filter.

Compatible with iPhone, iPodTouch, and iPad
running on iOS4 or earlier.

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Kent Jolly, Jake Rodriguez, Chris Jones, David Bithell, and Kristin Miltner for their invaluable help, suggestions, and testing!!!


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